Sunday, January 22, 2017
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Taste of Russia Closes

Taste of Russia Restaurant Closed

Taste of Russia restaurant, located off Carothers Blvd in Cool Springs, has gone out of business.

The Russian restaurant was located along the West side of Carothers Blvd; in a retail space at the entrance to Prairie Life Fitness.  Other tenants located in the center with Taste of Russia include Avenue Bank, Brinkmann’s Wine & Spirits, Endurance Sports, Sips n Strokes and Old Havana Smoke Shop.

Unfortunately, we never had a chance to check it out before they went out of business.  We spoke with several people who had eaten there and they said the food was very good.

A note taped to the inside of the door reads “Please be advised landlord has taken possession of this space; please contact the Stevens Group or Silk & Stewart Development to gain entry to the space.  It is unlawful to otherwise enter the space without landlord’s prior express permission”.

Several weeks before Taste of Russia actually closed, Stevens Group sent out an email to commercial real estate brokers advertising a fully equipped and built out restaurant space with a picture of this retail center.  Being the only restaurant located within the center, it was no secret Taste of Russia was on the way out.

In this tough economy,  we’re likely to see more restaurants closing as people looking to save money eat at home.

Taste of Russia’s location on the end-cap offered poor visibility.  They also didn’t seem to market themselves well.

Many restaurants and businesses attracted to the Cool Springs area, mistakenly believe that because of the wealth and density of the area they will succeed with little effort.  It’s not a matter of just opening the doors and people running in.  Businesses and especially restaurants need to actively market themselves in addition to providing good food and good service to be truly successful in Cool Springs.

Taste of Russia
101 Shingle Way (Off Carothers Blvd)
Franklin, TN 37067

Taste of Russia Restaurant off Carothers Blvd