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Paccini’s Coffee Out of Business

I was just reading a lengthy review posted today on a local Nashville website, gushing praise for Paccini’s coffee in the Meridian Boyle Development on Carothers in Cool Springs. Paccini’s what? Where? Restaurants in this Cool Springs retail center you might have actually heard of include Bosco’s, Noshville, Cajun Steamer’s, Swanky’s Taco Shop and Nucci’s Italian Ice & Gelato.

Funny thing is, Paccini’s went out of business over 6 weeks ago. It wasn’t any shocker. They never advertised, even the free ones like Facebook or Twitter. Its not rocket science. Three times in a row over over several weeks, I went in to eat and they were out of basic things. Like bread or turkey. Bacon every time. The third time the employee said, ” Yeah man its been rough”. The owner was never there and the workers seemed pretty casual. Hey casual is alright, but not so casual the place goes out of business.

I did enjoy the comfortable leather chairs and free wifi. Also it was an independent coffee shop and Cool Springs need more of them, we have enough Starbucks and Dunking Donuts. Paccini’s had a good thing going but they were not consistent with anything. Sucks for us.

I emailed the website contact info even though the site had been taken down. I was asking about the fat leather chairs inside Paccini’s, interested to see if they were for sale. The response was not from Paccini’s but from the web developer saying he had done a great deal of work and was still owed money. He did not know about the furniture. Boyle later said they are holding the furniture and contents, to help entice another coffee shop open their Cool Springs development.

Boyle Development is talking to other well known coffee shops in town hoping to find another operator. The feedback they’ve received so far, has been that the food portion of the business needing to be successful in order to make the numbers work.

I have no doubt another coffee shop will open there, hopefully sooner than later. The free wifi is key if you’re reading.

Paccini's Coffeeshop in Cool Springs

Paccini's Coffeeshop in Cool Springs

Inside Paccini's Coffeeshop
Inside Paccini’s Coffeeshop
Fat Leather Chairs at Paccini's
Fat Leather Chairs at Paccini’s