Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s

Add McDonald’s to the list of restaurants in Cool Springs now offering free Wi-Fi to customers.

Here are the instruction from a tear off pad on the counter:

1. Start with you Wi-Fi enabled laptop powered off before you connect to the AT&T Wireless Services.  Make sure all you network or wireless cards are properly installed and enabled.
2.  If the connection screen does not appear when you launch you browser, go to a public web site (not an intranet site), such as
3.  Make sure you turn off any proxies, firewalls, or VPN programs you may have running until after you launch your browser and go through the McDonald’s Welcome Page.
4.  To use our wireless service, you may need to change you SSID to Wayport_Access (underscore element required, case sensitive).

For 24-hour technical support, please call 1-877-MCD-WIFI (1-877-623-9434)

So the time you’re in Cool Springs and craving a Sausage McMuffin and hashbrown for breakfast or a Big Mac for dinner, bring your laptop in and catch up on work or surf the internet.

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