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Amerigo Restaurant in Cool Springs Offering 18 Wines for $18

Both the Amerigo restaurants in Cool Springs and West End are offering 18 different bottles of wine for $18 each in celebration of their eighteenth year of business in Middle Tennessee. 

Here is the story as reported Chris Chamberlain with the Nashville Scene:

The Wandering Wino-Vespucci Edition

With a name like “The Wandering Wino,” as you’d expect, I drink a lot of wine. Which means I buy a lot of wine from a lot of different wine shoppes. But of course, you know you’re my favorite.

That also means I’m on a lot of email lists, which I encourage you to sign up for with your preferred grape monger. I’ll do my best to distill (heh) them into a more palatable (heh, heh) form for you as a continuing part of this weekly missive.

But first, a restaurant deal that you might want to check out. To celebrate their 18th year in Middle Tennessee, Amerigo is offering full bottles of 18 of their wine offerings at $18.00. This offer is valid at both the West End and Cool Springs locations of Amerigo. Keeping in mind that this price includes the mandatory 24.25% state and local tax, these bottles are at close to retail pricing.

Nationally, many restaurants are experimenting with “wine shoppe pricing” to attract diners during these trying times. Amerigo’s offering includes several nice Tuscan reds as well as a Baroncini Vernaccia di San Gimignano that would go nicely with any of their seafood or chicken pasta entrées. California is also well represented on the 18 for $18 list if you’re worried about tongue-tying Italian appellations.

Fully embracing the new media trend, Amerigo’s West End location has jumped on the FaceBook and Twitter bandwagon. Friend or follow them at @amerigowestend or on that Bookfulla Faces for daily specials and wine tasting announcements. I’m holding out to try their Hot Chicken Pasta Wednesday special some time soon.”