Sunday, January 22, 2017
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Pulte Homes Nashville Protest

There was a protest today at the Pulte Homes Nashville headquarters, located in Cool Springs at 370 Mallory Station Road, Franklin TN 37067.

Having pulled most of their resources out of the Nashville area, Pulte Homes has two remaining communities, Garden Club Estates in Cool Springs and Winterset Woods in Nolensville.  Garden Club Estates had 7 closed sales this year between $395k and $470k.  Winterset Woods had 18 closed sales this year between $252k and $310k.

The protest was organized by the Laborers’ International Union of North America.  They are caravaning across the country, stopping in ten US cities protesting at offices of different home builders.  They are mostly targeting Michigan based Pulte Homes, because Pulte are the nation’s largest home builder.

To be quite honest, they seemed like a bunch of rabble-rousers as opposed to an organized group of intelligent  protesters trying to serve a just purpose.

They had a giant inflatable pig with a cigar on the lawn of Pulte for a short time before the police came and dispersed the crowd.  They said the pig represented corporate greed.  A corporate pig they were more than happy to work for when times were good.

They said homeowners everywhere are joining the protest and supporting their cause.  We asked if they had people in Cool Springs or Nashville who had been negatively affected by Pulte Homes.  They were unable to produce a single homeowner or worker from this area.

We checked them out and read that on Monday, Pulte Homes filed a federal lawsuit against the Laborer’s International Union for organizing an unlawful campaign to disrupt the business activities of Pulte Homes.

The wording they use in their “media packet” is pretty strong with phrases like “Pulte victimized homebuyers” and “Pulte Homes helped cause the housing market crash”.  Asking for trouble!

As we pondered the effectiveness of their efforts, one could not help but wonder why they didn’t launch a massive online social media campaign instead of wasting time looking like protestors for hire, since whales are out of season.

Their time may be better spent looking for new work or focusing on creating innovations within the building industry.

Interviewing the brains of the operation:

Just after the police broke up the party and made them take down the inflatable pig: