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Wizard Animation Studios Close

Wizard Animation Studios on Carothers Blvd

Local business Wizard Animation Studios, located in Cool Springs at 1736 Carothers Pkwy, has closed.  The Cool Springs retail business had been open for a year or two.

Wizard Studios occupied the 3,200 square feet end cap of a small retail plaza called Reliant Center.  Co-tenants in the Cool Springs retail center near Bakers Bridge Ave include Reliant Bank and Carothers Pkwy Veterinary Clinic.

Wizard Animation Studios offered childrens parties with an interactive DVD movie theme.  Participants would film a short movie clip acting as jungle explorer, fairy tale princess or a spaceship pilot in front of a high-tech blue screen.  A commemorative DVD was made for each child in the movie.  Wizard Studios offered Papa John’s

Located at Reliant Center

It is usually not a good sign when operating hours change to “by appointment only”, as seen on the front door.

We attempted to reach owner Christopher Lombardi but the phone number for Wizard Studios had already been disconnected.

We spoke with an employee next door at the Carothers Pkwy Veterinary Clinic and she said “Wizard Studios didn’t have  many parties in the last few months and people have been stopping in asking questions”.  She mentioned  recently observing people moving things out of the Wizard Animation Studios retail space.

We’re not sure what happened to result in Christopher Lombardi closing Wizard Studios, although the economy probably didn’t help.  Many of the people we’re talked to had never heard it before, even though they drove past it daily.

There is a valuable lesson here for retailers interested in opening up in Cool Springs.  You need to market yourself and your business.  Having good food, product and service isn’t enough. The high income and density of Cool Springs reflect desirable demographics sought out by many retailers.  Some businesses take that for granted and assume that by opening a location in Cool Springs, people come running in when you open the doors.

You still need to market yourself and let us know you’re here, even with great visibility on Carothers Blvd.

Reliant Bank anchors retail plaza

Carothers Pkwy Veterinary Clinic

Reliant Center in Cool Springs

Wizard Animation Studios
1736 Carothers Pkwy (near Bakers Bridge Ave)
Franklin, TN 37027
(615) 373-8388

  • Lee Barroll

    I was wondering about that store. Saw it on my drive home daily and just wondered how it was doing any business. Guess the question has been answered.

  • Nashville

    I had not idea that they were open to the general public, I thought they were a private animation studio…

  • Lucy

    My great nieces loved Wizard They were so disappointed when it closed We had planned more videos with their brother They took their videos to school in KY I know some of their friends came and others planned videos It was great fun

  • steph

    wow, my kids loved that place. I was looking for it to have my 7-year-old's birthday party there. It was the best place. I hope it re-opens!