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Williamson County Taxpayers Coalition

Williamson County, TN

Williamson County, TN

Below is a letter from the newly formed Williamson County Taxpayers Coalition to citizens and taxpayers in Williamson County, TN.  In response to concerns regarding controversial Williamson County School rezonings and fiscal accountability to the taxpayers of Williamson County, Cool Springs citizens formed the coalition.  The stated purpose of the Williamson County Taxpayers Coalition is to educate and communicate for both taxpayers and public officials.

From Williamson County Taxpayers Coalition:

“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.
The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressman and government officials, but the voters of this country.
—Franklin D. Roosevelt, Speech Marietta, Ohio 7/8/38

Dear Concerned Taxpayers –

First a thank you is in order. Jennifer and I are so humbled by the response we have received to our founding of this Coalition. In addition, last week we posted a story about what Kristen and Jennifer experienced this last month and you have responded with such great support. Thank you!

Please realize that this Coalition is not something Jennifer and Kristen do for any other reason than a passion to help the citizens of this county have a voice. But, we cannot do this alone. There are a few people who help us often, and others who help once and a while, but to make this a raving success we need more. We need your active membership. This website is to be the voice for Williamson County Taxpayers. From our experience and observations during the rezoning, we saw a need to have a resource which provides an accumulation of information in one place; a forum for discussion and debate and a platform on which to bring certain causes to light through the sheer power of the number of members. Jennifer and I have set a goal to create that source of information and we hope that our website can be used to educate and communicate for both the taxpayer and public officials alike. We do not want this to be the voice of a few, but the voice of MANY. Jennifer and I want your feedback, ideas and comments – really we do!

What can you do?

• Forward this to your friends and neighbors, tell them to join the Coalition.
• Join the forum and start posting!!! (while the forum is part of the coalition, the forum is separate page from the Coalition website, go to the forum.)
• Join us on Facebook. (use the link, or search Williamson County Taxpayers Coalition)
• Volunteer your time to attend meetings – if everyone attends one we can get them covered, find your topic of choice and go!
• Volunteer your time to research topics.
• Write or blog commentary – you don’t need to be a reporter, you just need to have an opinion.


There are several important County issues to be decided by our elected Commissioners in the next months. Not only are they discussing the budgets and if we need a tax increase, but they will also be voting on a debt cap resolution. As a citizen, it is our responsibility to get educated and then communicate our thoughts and feelings to our elected officials. How can they know how to best vote FOR the people, if the people don’t get involved and let them know?


The Commission will have their monthly meeting on February 14, 2011 at 7 p.m. and will discuss the need for a potential tax increase. They have invited the School Board to attend.

Do you plan to attend? Will you get a chance to speak?

Do you think the Commission, the Mayor or the School Board
have any idea what it is you think they should do?

Make your thoughts and opinions known – POST ON THE FORUM!
This forum is created solely for the taxpayers to post and discuss their viewpoints.

• This forum may be viewed without logging in, but you must register and log-in to post comments.
• Your name and e-mail ARE NOT shown on the forum. You make up your own user name.
• We only ask you start your post by stating your district number. Officials have asked us to request this so they may know if you are in their district or not.
• Public officials would like to see your commentary.

This is a great way to lift your voice! Don’t miss your chance. This is a chance for the People to guide those you elected to make the decisions you wish them to make. This is how we have government of the people, for the people and by the people.


• Commissioner Ryan introduced a Debt Cap Resolution (click on link to see resolution pdf on the website)to the Rules Committee on January 31, 2011. There are 6 commissioners on this sub-committe and the vote was tied, 3-3. This resolution now goes before the full commission at the next monthly commission meeting (2/14) for vote. It can only pass with 2/3’s majority vote. Please educate yourself on this resolution and then let your commissioners know how you feel. Our county is 1/2 BILLION dollars in debt. Yes – that is a half a billion! This is VERY IMPORTANT. We have posted an article from the Tennessean discussing the State of Tennessee’s suggestion that counties create debt caps. As we research, we will post more information. Please help us, send us what you find! Send to

• Commissioner Kathy Danner is on a quest for cost saving ideas to be submitted from the public (see Commissioner Kathy Danner’s e-mail on the website). Send her an e-mail,, and send those ideas to us AND post it on the forum. We are accumulating suggestions on our Potential Tax Increase page. Posting them on the forum will give the commissioners a chance to see how the public views the idea.”