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Williamson County fastest growing county in state

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A new report claims Williamson County is the fastest growing county in the state. The latest stats show the county as the state’s strongest population growth of 3.1%.

“We’ve just been very fortunate, that our job growth has kept up with our residential growth, as well and just population overall,” Jeremiah Pyron Interim Director of Economic Development with Williamson Inc. explained to Nashville’s News 2.

The figures also show that the number of senior citizens will double to 40,000 by 2023.

Pyron calls it the “Nissan effect,” saying friends and family move to the area to be with loved ones for a better quality of life.

“I don’t think you can attribute that to any one factor, but education being one of the top things that people say they move here for, quality of life [and] cost of living.”

He added that strategic growth is the key moving forward.

“I’m excited about it. I think it’s strategic growth. I think that’s been a huge focus of this county, the city mayors and economic development over the past few years,” Pyron said.

With new developments springing up, city officials are focused on traffic concerns.

“With 20,000 jobs planned to come around the McEwen Drive, Carothers Parkway area, the mayor has to focus on how that’s going to look in the future with all the cars,” said Pyron.

He says while officials have their eyes on traffic they are also hope to add more affordable housing options.

The city plans to release a month long housing study in late April.

Courtesy of Nashville’s News 2 WKRN