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WCS Rezoning Petition

Williamson County Schools debacle

Williamson County Schools debacle

A petition has been created by concerned Williamson County taxpayers regarding the controversial WCS school rezoning.

The petition is asking for more time to ensure a fair and equitable rezoning plan, in light of new concern in recent weeks about faulty data given to Edulog.

As of this morning 309 people have signed the WCS rezoning petition electronically.

“Support Quality Education for All Children in Williamson County

We, the people of Williamson County, believe all children deserve equal access to a high-quality education. The current rezoning proposal is not in the best interest of our children or the taxpayers of this county. There is work still to be done. We respectfully ask that the Board of Education delay any rezoning until a more fiscally responsible, long-term plan can be developed that provides academic and program equality, proximity to schools and reasonable feeder systems for all the students of Williamson County.”
Comments left by citizens who have signed the petition:

Name: Kristen Tope on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: Ramrodding a bandaid rezoning agenda, based primarily on capacity loading, through the system prior to developing a strategic plan for Williamson County Schools is not the answer. While WCSB note that only a small percentage of Williamson County students are affected by this proposal, those students are concentrated in only a few areas of the county. The impact to these areas is large. Increasing the current overcapacity situation at schools that WCS wants to fix, is not the solution.

Chad Pyle on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: I can see Ravenwood High School from the back patio of my house in the Meade of Avalon. I listen to every home football game from this spot. It simply doesn’t make sense for our neighborhood to be zone to any other high school.

Scott And Kris Thrash on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: We live in Franklin and want our child to go to his now zoned Franklin schools. I feel that it is not in the best interest as a tax payer in this county to bus kids 12 miles to a school…when there is a school less than 4 miles from there home…..since when is proximity not the first concern……I think the rezoning issue needs to be redone and the first concern should be proximity…..

Laurie Killian on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: In these crazy times my family has done everything in our power to stay in our home for our child to stay at Ravenwood. Its been a lot of sweat and tears but we r still here and for what? For a group of people who have no interest in my child to attempt to pull them from their academic and social home at Ravenwood. Its really heartless and makes no sense at all. Not when Centennial is not capable of expansion and will soon be too full as well. Ravenwood has space to grow and although I’m not educated in zoning its obvious to me that moving a group of kids to Centennial is not the better long term decision. You are messing with kids here. Kids who need stability and we as parents don’t work so hard to give them that stability just for u to walk in and take it away.

Patricia Selph on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: I do not feel the proposed rezoning plan is in the best interest of the children you serve. I respectfully ask you reconsider the changes you are asking be made on the west side of Franklin.

Phil Mandley on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: Let’s not “band-aid” the school re-zoning problem with a hurried approach. Every parent in this county deserves the right to be heard on this issue. Let’s take the time to find a sensible, long term solution that benefits the children of this county…for today and for tomorrow.

Stephanie Campbell on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: The new zoning that puts Clovercroft at Page middle and Page high will devastate our family. Putting us in a school so much farther away in a different community doesn’t seem right. My husband and I work at nights and we pick up our kids from school in time to get to our dance studio by 4pm and this wouldn’t be an option at a new school. Please please keep us at woodland and ravenwood.

Harrison And Tricia Whitehead on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: Sullivan Farms residents — We do not want to keep the current/newest rezoning plan as it creates multiple split feeders for our kids. However, we believe in general that there needs to be MORE work done before finalizing any zoning plan.

Tim Blankenbaker on Nov 3, 2010
One of the reasons that I chose Williamson County when I relocated from the East Coast is the reputation for excellent public schools. I am concerned that 1) the rezoning plan process has been haphazard and 2) that the infrastructure is not in place for what has clearly been unexpected population growth.

Sharon Spurling on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: If this were a ‘business’ and not ‘government’…the business would fail. Why? Businesses succeed when they are run efficiently, and plan according to customer needs and demand. We need a school within a decent proximity to our home. Franklin High school meets that need, therefore, we became a customer. We purchased a home in Westhaven, zoned for FHS. We paid a premium for our home, so our daughter could attend FHS, instead of investing in private school. Now, we will potentially be zoned to a school 11 miles from our home. A long bus ride for our daughter. All the while, FHS sits just down the street. Bad business.

Andy Logsdon on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: We chose our neighborhood (The Meade of Avalon) when we moved here in July 2008 because it was in the Ravenwood school zone. We had heard lots of good things about Ravenwood, and wanted our son to go there we he starts 9th grade in the fall of 2012. We were careful to check the High School he would be zoned for when purchasing, and never imagined he would not go there since we live less than 1.25 miles from the school.

Bryan K. Williams on Nov 3, 2010
We believe the parents and children of Williamson County deserve a zoning system that is well reasoned, and reasonably affords the children with a quality education, program equality, and a reasonable feeder system that will allow children to develop and mature into community leaders while maintaining close friendships with their classmates.

Sandy Kasewurm on Nov 3, 2010

Comments: We expect Williamson County executives to be extremely professional and act with the utmost responsibility to our children and our funding as taxpayers. The rush to make change is unnecessary, irresponsible, and dangerous to the well-being of young minds. No successful business executive would create and push through a “20 year” business plan in a matter of a few weeks and the central office has an even greater responsibility because they are meddling with the future of our children. We chose our homes in the schools of choice for our family. It is inconceivable that the central office would be so irresponsible as to move our children to a lesser school without true programs and expect we would approve such an outrageous situation.

Name: Elaine Ryder on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: This is not the right plan. Please do not vote on this plan. Take some more time to get this right.

Michael Spurling on Nov 3, 2010

Comments: We live 2 miles from Franklin High School, but want to bus my daughter 12 miles. This does not make sense.

Name: Paul Kasewurm on Nov 3, 2010
Proper research, planning and budgeting need to be taken into consideration and not subject students and families to moves that are not necessary. Properly addressing rezoning, with proper buildings and proximities suit our neighborhoods, our roads, our kids and our schedules. (Coming from a background in project management, specializing is mergers, with necessary alignments, assessment and capacity, I have been dismayed to see the approach taken by Dr. Looney. I don’t want to express exaggerated statements but I am rather certain he would have been let go from his position if he worked in the private sector). Please vote no and work to do this right. The intention is correct, the method is not.

Stuart McFarland Moore on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: I am particularly concerned about the closing of Pinewood Elementary School. I consider the decision to be rash and unjust. When deciding on any action, the education of the children must come first. In this case, I believe their interests have not been considered at all. If all decisions were based solely on monetary policy when it comes to taxpayer funded schooling, there would be no arts or music in the school systems, and yet most thoughtful persons would agree that the arts are just as important to a well-rounded and educated individual as math and science. This school means more to the residents of Southwest Williamson County than a mere dollar amount can begin to mirror. This is just as much an issue of culture and society as it is misguided and poor fiscal judgment over the past decade. Millions upon millions of dollars for the other regions of the county, yet nothing in the budget to keep Pinewood open? The math does not add up! We who live here and support that fine school are voters, taxpayers and citizens too. We have an obligation to our children who have no voice in this. If we as adults care for their futures, we strive to ensure that these children have the opportunity to learn in a safe and loving environment, where they are given the chance to grow and reach their individual potential. The greatness of our country is right here in front of us. The “powers that be” listen and respect those they serve, and “do the right thing!” I, Stuart Moore, believe this in my heart. Let us see what our elected officials believe in!

Kimberly Trama on Nov 3, 2010
Comments: I think for any child living in our county it is important that they go to their “neighborhood” school instead of being bussed out to a school across town just to make the numbers and diversity balanced. It makes for a longer day and as a parent, I think it’s too much traveling especially if a family has multiple children attending different schools. I believe that the big picture is being ignored here. The reason that schools and school boards exist is because of our children! Stop playing financial and political games with our families and future leaders of tomorrow.

Cindy Rust on Nov 2, 2010
Comments: We do not need to rush this very important decision simply to check the box indicating we have completed a task. There are many children being impacted by this move, and there has been much information shared with the public that I believe begs the question for further investigation and real research. Rome wasn’t built in a day and there needs to be more time spent on this plan before pulling the plug and realizing later there were mistakes made that could have been avoided. Please delay this decision for a year so we don’t negatively impact so many.

Maureen Wylie on Nov 2, 2010
Comments: I absolutely agree with the above statement. We need a long term plan not a short fix when dealing with the safety and education of our children. They are our future and as such plans should be well thought out. This current re-zoning proposal was drafted in less than 2 weeks. In addition, I believe there needs to be transparency to the zoning calculations and a standard set. Thank you for all you’re doing…but, please, let us give careful consideration to our children.

William Keith Kidwell on Nov 2, 2010
Comments: I feel that this is unfair and has not been given the right amount of time to make sure that this is the right thing to do. It seems to me that there could be a better plan and to get that plan, proper planning had to be done upfront and as tax paying citizens and voters of this county we deserve better, then the few meetings and the half thought out proposals that we have been shown.

Thoughts or comments on the Williamson County School rezoning?

Do you support the petition requesting more time?

  • Robert Kimbrell

    I hear the band playing and the roar of the crowd after a touchdown at Ravenwood High from my patio in the Meade of Avalon and yet my child can’t go there. Have you people lost your minds? Seriously?

  • Anonymous

    Robert thanks for your comment. It will be very interesting to see how thing unfold over the next couple weeks.

  • Jen Smith

    The proposal of the high school rezoning – especially Ravenwood to Centennial is an attempt of economic segregation, to say the least. From what I saw on the proposed map, all apartment subdivisions are being rezoned to Centennial. Parents bought homes in Williamson County for the schools the home was zoned for – and parents signed leases on apartments for the schools that subdivision was zoned for as well. Stability and security are both needed in children, whether their parents own or rent. To pull friendships apart that have been formed between children and teenagers is something that is not taken lightly, nor should the decision be made quickly either. These are friendships built in neighborhoods, churches, and school. These are friendships that have gone on school trips together, taken classes and accomplished school projects together, friendships that have talked about high school sports together.

  • Anonymous

    Jen, thanks for your comment. The economic segregation part seems to be fairly toxic, as it’s not being reported or talked about in any of the major media outlets in town.

    Several parents have stated they feel strongly that the Franklin Special School District was created in the 1960’s to segregate and for some reason Williamson County never desegregated.

  • Sharynbovat

    It’s interesting that until “now” the coverage from the Tennessean has been “limited” on the concerns of those in the Cool Springs community and communities that house a majority of Tennessee Transplants.

    Economic/Racial/Cultural Diversity is something that needs to be considered when drawing school lines and for the children it’s important is “fair feeders”.

    It seems from the 1st sentence in the Tennessean article that it’s a done deal. ??? WHY

    I hope the school board is looking at all options for the children of Williamson County.

    Sharyn Bovat

    WCS parents criticize new rezoning plan
    Community meeting is set for tonight at Franklin High

    FRANKLIN — Williamson County School District officials will meet with parents one more time before a rezoning plan for the district is approved.