Sunday, February 19, 2017
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SyMedica Moves Headquarters to Cool Springs

SyMedica has announced they are moving their headquarters to Cool Springs in Williamson County TN.  As reported by the Nashville Business Journal:

SyMedica moves headquarters to Cool Springs

SyMedica Inc. has relocated its headquarters from Tampa, Fla. to Brentwood.

The company, which provides consulting and continuing education services for health care professionals, moved into the Cool Springs Corporate Centre in mid-August.

SyMedica hopes to add additional offices, says Dr. Bob Coates, president and CEO, but growth will come in doses.

“We’re going to be smart about our growth,” says Coates, who founded the company in 1985 as SyMedica Group.

At the company’s height in the early part of the decade, it encompassed about 21 corporations with about $24 million a year in revenue. Then Coates fell ill with a neurological impairment and had to stop working, so he sold off the company in pieces and focused on recovery.

Coates is building his business again, focusing on core services and plans to outsource functions he did in-house, such as marketing, legal work, and staffing.

The demand for continuing education and compliance training services in the health care industry is high, says Andrew Duthie, president of e-learning company Duthie Associates.

“The market is large and it’s not going away any time soon,” Duthie says, because health care professionals are required to earn continuing education credits and compliance certification to stay up-to-date.

SyMedica also has a clinical component in the area of behavioral medicine, which Coates says helps the company stay up-to-date in its consulting and education practice. Coates, a clinical psychotherapist, has opened an office on Billingsly Court in Franklin, which will see patients for about 10 hours a week.”