Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Students Release Tribute to Carol Birdsong

Local students have written and released a tribute song to Williamson County Schools Communications Director Carol Birdsong.

After 3 days of no school, going on a 4th, Williamson County students Christian Leake, Cameron Arnold, Noah Leake, Amelya Galardi and Athyn Galardi wanted show their heartfelt gratitude to the voice delivering the good news.

Carol Birdsong, the Communications Director for Williamson County Schools is that voice, delivering the news of school being canceled via a recorded message in times of inclement weather or other hazardous conditions.

Tomorrow marks the 4th straight day for no school due to snow and icy conditions on the roads in Williamson County.

Carol Birdsong has reached quasi-celebrity status as Communications Director for Williamson County Schools.  Not only does she have a tribute song in her honor but there is even a Facebook fan page called “Receiving a call from Carol Birdsong telling us we have a day off!”.

The page had 2,841 fans when we checked.

Here is the students tribute to Carol Birdsong:

  • Grant Hammond

    This is hilarious. It appears that students are more talented than when I was in school!

  • danatucker

    Glad to see some kids are putting the time to good use instead of playing video games all day like mine.

  • Anonymous

    Dana, the kids song was not only creative but pretty good too!