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Stray dogs attack cats and donkey in Brentwood

Stray dogs attack cats and donkey in Brentwood

Williamson County Animal Control is investigating two incidents involving two stray dogs in an upscale Brentwood neighborhood.

At the beginning of March a woman living on Waterford Drive contacted Brentwood police and Williamson County Animal Control, reporting two stray dogs had attacked her cat.

Melissa Bourgeois told officers that two large white dogs had attacked her 16-year-old cat near her front door. She captured the attack on a home surveillance camera.

Officers set two traps on the property hoping to catch the dogs, but before the canines were caught, another woman contacted animal control reporting the dogs had attacked her donkey.

“A vet was called out, we actually sent two officers out that time because the situation was intensifying,” said Animal Control Officer Randall Brown.

“After the donkey attack, we caught the first dog in the trap,” he added.

Brown said the donkey was severely injured and had to be put down.

The owner of the dogs contacted animal control asking if anyone had found them. He said he had been out of town and had asked someone to watch out for the dogs.

“Citations were issued to the owner for ‘at large,’ not displaying rabies tags, and I want to say not being current on rabies. If they can’t show us proof, it’s a chargeable offense,” Brown said.

The owner of the cat was out of town when News 2 tried to contact her.

News 2 spoke with the dogs’ owner, Michael Tait who said he regrets what happened, and stated that the dogs have never shown aggression before.

Tait said he will put the dogs down.

Courtesy of Nashville’s News 2 WKRN