Monday, January 23, 2017
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Nashville Nonstop To Panama City?

Southwest Airlines is likely to select Nashville as one of two cities to have daily nonstop flights to the new Panama City airport.  Baltimore is rumored to be the other city chosen by Southwest Airlines.

This is great news for all the people in Middle Tennessee who vacation in Destin, Seaside or Panama City Florida.  The 8 hour drive to Destin, Panama City, or Seaside FL, through swamp land, is not very exciting.  The thought of a Southwest Airlines flight less than an hour long is very appealing.

Many people in Cool Springs and Nashville own rental property or second homes and this will no doubt add value to their investment.  The difference between a 16 hour round trip drive and 2 hour round trip flight is huge, especially when just going down for the weekend.  Not to mention Southwest is usually on time and their rates are very competitive, not a bad thing.

This is excellent news for Nashville since many of the flights to Panama city will also be directed through our own Nashville International Airport.  Good exposure for Cool Springs and the surrounding areas!