Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Soft Shell Crabs in Nashville!

Fresh frozen soft shell crabs

If you’ve ever been to Maryland during the right time of the year, you may have been lucky enough to experience their famous and delicious soft shell crabs.

For all the landlubbers out there, soft shell crabs are blue crabs caught immediately after losing their shell, before the new shell grows back.  The entire crab is eaten, usually sauteed or battered and fried.  They are very tasty!

BUT… have you ever tried making soft shell crabs at home?

Chances are you haven’t tried YET because soft shell crabs are a delicacy seldom available here in Nashville.  Soft shell crabs are also highly seasonal.  Not only does one need to be in Maryland, but your visit must be during a short harvesting season to try these amazing crabs.

The gourmands at set out on a mission to find (online) the freshest and highest quality soft shell crabs, available for delivery to you at home.

We quickly determined that Maryland’s “The Crab Place” is the best place to order soft shells crabs on the internet.

Last week our test kitchen received a half dozen “Jumbo” soft shell crabs to review.

They were simply amazing and very easy to cook.  The steps are literally – open box, rinse, fry and eat.

Making soft shell crabs at home is easier than one could ever imagine. cleans and preps their soft shell crabs, so there are no messy steps of removing gills or anything to be worried about.  The crabs are frozen fresh and wrapped individually to maintain freshness.  They arrived so fresh that when opened, they literally smelled like saltwater or ocean air.

We can’t imagine a better way to impress a date or loved one than ordering soft shell crabs from soon!

Delicious fried soft shell crabs