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Ravenwood Rezoning Letter

Below is an email sent this morning by Igor Puzanov to the entire Williamson County School Board regarding the Ravenwood rezoning vote on November 30.  Feel free to share you thoughts and feelings about the rezoning of Ravenwood High School in Brentwood at the Cool Springs Ravenwood Rezoning Forum.

Dear Board members:

Thank you all for coming to the meeting yesterday at our Ravenwood High School. All the parents appreciated your presence and the high level of reasoned discussions. I sincerely hope that the members not being able to attend will get the report from the ones who did and will be able to hear from the concerned parents and citizens at the meeting on November 30th.

It was good to hear that the points made by our parents are being considered and that the proposal in front of the School Board on 11/30/2009 is going to be treated just that way-as a proposal, not as an executive order.

There are several other options which should be given a fair consideration. Some short term:  48 student out of zone,  Nolensville being the fastest growing area, additional high school open to accept extra students, grandfathering freshmen. But most importantly, rather quick development of a comprehensive long term plan under the guidance of the new County School leadership.

As you have heard, our parents and children are willing and able to wait through a transitory period using portable classrooms while working with all of you and the new School Superintendent Mr. Looney (who is copied on this email) to find long term solutions for the County schools.

We are a dedicated, organized group, willing to support you in your efforts to bring the best education to all of Williamson County students. We now understand that the Commissioners were not considering the new East High school a priority for funding, which has created this highly charged situation.

Please, be assured that if given chance, we will tirelessly work with you on the solution for this unfortunate omission. These plans will have to be carried forward in either case as any move today is just a very short, less then 2 year temporary band aid solution.

Please consider the venue for the November 30th meeting- it would create much more pleasant and productive atmosphere if the chamber would accommodate the expected attendees-likely even more then last nights 500.   

Lastly, would you please let us know the rules for signing up to speak at this 11/30 meeting? There has been a great deal of confusion and especially as not all of Board members were able to attend, it would be prudent to allow public to speak prior to such an important decision.

Yours sincerely,


Igor Puzanov, MD, MSCI
Associate Director, Phase I Drug Development
Melanoma/Renal Cancer Program
Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Hematology-Oncology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
2220 Pierce Avenue, 777 Preston Research Building
Nashville, TN  37232-6307