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Mallory Valley Water District

Mallory Valley Utility District in Cool Springs TN

Mallory Valley Utility District in Cool Springs TN

Sounds like problems with water at the Mallory Valley Utility District continue.  As many of our readers are aware, there was a water main break in Cool Springs approximately one month ago.  The water main break was fixed within a few hours without much drama.  Our readers over the Alara Farms apartments in Cool Springs tell us the water problems with the Mallory Valley Utility District never seem to end.

Unfortunately when the Mallory Valley Utility District turned the water back on after repair, they reportedly set the water pressure 20 pounds higher than previous.

One reader commented that hundreds of hot water heaters at the Alara Farms apartments in Cool Springs ruptured due to the difference in pressure.  Knowing how hard the staff at Alara Farms works to keep things running smooth, it must be frustrating having so many problems with the Mallory Valley Utility District.

Here is a letter sent to Alara Farms residents from Alara management:

“Valued Residents
201 Gillespie Dr.
Franklin, TN 37067

Re: Water Pressure

Dear Residents,

Our local water district, Mallory Valley, recently added a new water tank to the Franklin area to increase water pressure to the outlining areas of Franklin.  Since the addition to the new water tank, the pressure to the water lines at the property has risen dramatically resulting in several water leaks.  Alara Farms is currently working with a local plumbing vendor to add a system to the main water valve which will decrease the amount of pressure entering the property.  The new system will take some time to develop and will require involvement from Mallory Valley engineers and city officials.

In the meantime, Alara Farms must address three current leaks found on property resulting from the increased water pressure.  On Thursday, January 25th, 2010 from 10 am to approximately 4 pm the water to the property must be shut down to make these repairs.  In an effort to minimize the amount of time needed without water we have asked out contractor, Lee Company, to prepare the areas and obtain the proper parts needed to make the repairs.  On Thursday morning, once the water is off, the technician will be able to replace the parts quickly to restore the system as soon as possible.

As we understand the continual issues with the water pressure at the property is a great source of frustration, please know that we have exhausted all other measures and have found the work listed above to be the only answer to resolve the current leaks.  It is out hope that these leaks will be the last ones that are encountered until the new system can be installed.  We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience; please know that Alara Farms is working diligently to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.  Should you have any questions please contact us at (615) 771-1890.”

Contact the Mallory Valley Utility District with any questions or concerns about your water at (615) 628-0237.

Mallory Valley Utility District
465 Duke Drive
Franklin, TN 37067