Friday, January 20, 2017
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Kate’s Kitchen aims to inspire kids, teens to eat healthy

Kate’s Kitchen aims to inspire kids, teens to eat healthy

A groundbreaking program aimed to educate and inspire healthy eating habits for kids is being filmed in Middle Tennessee.

“Kate’s Kitchen with Kids” is a series of hands-on training videos designed to give younger kids a healthy appetite.

“I think kids are inundated with junk food. I mean, most products marketed to kids are just sugar, sugar, sugar,” said Host Kate Raidt.

Raidt is a content director for, a parenting Web site. She’s spent years gathering information from experts across the country about a multitude of child-rearing topics including behavior, sleep, and money.

It wasn’t until someone noticed her son, only three years old at the time, making his own spinach smoothie that she decided to focus on nutrition.

“I’ve just learned that if you can at least focus on the food groups, you know, healthy fruits and vegetables, lean meats, protein and dairy, you can’t go wrong,” she said.

She launched “Kate’s Kitchen with Kids” with a handful of home videos she made when she lived in Austin, Texas.

When she moved to Brentwood, her company, Southwestern Advantage, decided to professionally produce the series.

Today, 50 “Kate’s Kitchen with Kids” videos are posted online, and 50 more are in the works for teens.

“We’re so used to convenience foods, and that’s microwaved foods, food out of a bag, you know, the drive-thru. People think it’s just quicker and easier, but actually, it’s not,” Raidt explained.

With the help of childhood nutritionist Jill Castle, Raidt welcomes teens into her kitchen to make healthy meals fast.

During a segment on News 2 This Morning, Raidt put two Ravenwood High School athletes to the test.

In just 12 seconds, football players Blake Gerido and Dalton Cain made high-protein, turkey breakfast sandwiches.

“We made a bagel with carrots, and then bell peppers and cucumbers,” said Gerido, a senior offensive tackle.

“I thought it was really fun. It’s also fun to learn how to be healthy, too,” added Cain, a freshman wide receiver.

Raidt admits to a bit of trickery, covering peppers with cream cheese in the power bagel sandwich.

Substitution can also increase the nutritional value of a meal. For example, Raidt opts for Greek yogurt instead of milk to double the protein in a fruit smoothie.

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