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Landmark Booksellers on Davis Kidd Closing

Landmark Booksellers in Franklin

Landmark Booksellers in Franklin

Below is a letter from Joel and Carol Tomlin, the owners of Landmark Booksellers in Downtown Franklin, on the recent closing of Davis Kidd bookstore in Green Hills:

If you love books, and being in their presence, you must have felt the same way we did when we got the news of Davis Kidd closing up shop. We felt we had just lost a dear friend, who we had known for 30 years. We were friends, fans and customers since they opened their doors in their first location in 1980. In trying to make some sense of this tragedy, we have listened to or read the various news reports, Internet blogs, and stream of customers who lament over, and try to explain why they believe Davis Kidd did not make it. Will we see more bookstores close?

Based on the latest news regarding Borders, as well as other chains and independents, it certainly appears to us that the end could be near for many of the bricks & mortar shops. We believe there are a number of factors involved and perhaps we will revisit this subject in the future. But for now, all market factors and explanations aside, there is really only one reason that Davis Kidd or any other book store will close. That reason has to do with the number of customers that walk through their door and spend money. For folks in the Green Hills area it is too late. Davis Kidd is gone, and if they could not make it there, who can?

Davis Kidd Closed

Davis Kidd Closed

For those of you who do value the convenience of a bookstore in your area, there is only one way to ensure there presence and that is to support them with your business on a regular basis and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Otherwise, they will fail, as Davis Kidd and then you will be faced with having to figure out where Amazon is located so you can attend their next author event or stop by Kroger, Sam’s, Costco or Target for your literary advice and book browsing enjoyment.

We will miss Davis Kidd and its presence in our community. Their store and their commitment to the craft of book selling will continue to inspire us and many ways be our measure. We look forward to the day of having as many people hold us in as high regard as they did, for over 30 years.

Joel and Carol Tomlin
Landmark Booksellers
Located in Downtown Franklin, TN

  • Lawrenceburke

    Did they proofread that letter for grammar before sending/posting?