Friday, January 20, 2017
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Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy

Gene Simmons from KISS and Cool Springs Life are loaning people cash against their life insurance policies, just announced today from several news outlets.

It’s happening right here in Cool Springs Tennessee!

Gene Simmons has partnered with Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy, located here in Franklin, TN, to offer loans to high net worth life-insurance policyholders against their eventual payout.

The main partners in the new venture include Gene Simmons, Simon C. Baitler, Richard Abramson, Samuel B. Watson, William B Randolph and David R Carpenter.

Included in this eclectic group of partners is Richard Abramson, who solo managed the character “Pee-wee Herman” and co-created Pee-wee’s Playhouse.  Mr. Abramson also orchestrated the motion picture film “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”.  Pee-wee’s career took a turn for the worst when he was caught masturbating publicly in an adult theater.

Gene Simmons and Sam Watson from Cool Springs Life gave several interviews including InBusiness with Margaret Brennan from Bloomberg and America Live on Fox News.

We’re just hoping to catch Gene Simmons in Cool Springs restaurants having lunch or dinner.

Here is the press release from today’s announcement:

Gene Simmons, singer and bassist for the rock band Kiss, said high-net-worth individuals should better prepare to protect their wealth after they die.

“You should know what your choices are in planning your estate,” said Simmons, co-founder of Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy, in an interview with Bloomberg Television in New York today.

Simmons said his company can benefit athletes and entertainers who earned fortunes without building financial expertise. Kiss has broken box-office records set by Elvis Presley and the Beatles, according to Simmons’s Web site. The band benefits from licensing agreements that sell apparel, wine bottles and jewelry emblazoned with the Kiss logo.

“I just want to address those of you out there who might be like me, in pop culture, basketball players, entertainers, rock stars, people like that,” he said. “We are not really the most well-informed people, and yet, because we’ve worked really hard, and the American dream is alive and well, we’ve been able to become high net-worth individuals.”

Cool Springs offers loans to life-insurance policyholders against their eventual payout. The company says it can help clients minimize estate taxes and eliminate life insurance premium payments.

“We have access to literally $7 billion to loan you against your life insurance policy at Libor flat,” Simmons said, referring to the London interbank offered rate, a lending benchmark that was set at 0.278 percent today.


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  • John R Carlisle

    Sounds like Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy is a vehicle to avoid the estate tax increase we all know is coming soon. High net worth people will be drawn to this but lets see how happy they are when Congress finds a new way to tax the loophole that Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy has created or found.

  • Jack

    Richard Abramson is a shady character with a very checkered financial past in Hollywood. Definitely stay away from this with that guy involved.