Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Fox News Axes Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey’s prime time show on Fox Business News is being canceled.

Almost everyone knows Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University, headquartered on Mallory Lane in Cool Springs.  If you’ve been living on Mars, Dave Ramsey is known for preaching that people pay cash for everything and don’t use credit cards.

A source from Wall St. Cheat Sheet reports:

“He possessed the lethal combination of lacking the charisma and warmth to carry his own television show combined with the delusional arrogance to think he was the next Dr. Phil.”

Yikes!  Not exactly friendly parting words.

Eric Bolling, former Wall Street trader and CNBC contributor, will be taking over Dave Ramsey’s 8m hour long time slot.

“Eric’s ability to boil down complex financial issues to expose their real-world implications makes him the ideal choice to strengthen Fox Business New’s prime-time lineup,” Fox Business Chief Executive Roger Ailes said in a statement.

Ramsey might continue to appear occasionally on Fox Business News through the rest of his contract, which expires this year.

Dave Ramsey's mansion in Cool Springs

Stay tuned for a follow story on Dave Ramsey’s new 13,307 square foot mansion in Cool Springs, next door to Lee Ann Rimes house on King Richards Court.

  • Phoenix

    I loved Dave Ramsey. I can’t believe you have let him go??? Some of the people you are putting on air now are absolutely boring !!!!

  • Concerned

    I’ve listen to Dave quite often. I agree with most of his message, but I also think he is the most condescending financial advisor. He portrays himself as a big Christian but then he continues to call people “stupid” and “dumb” on the radio. These people just need help, not bullying attitude. Its because of these people that Dave has his millions. If these “stupid” people stopped listening, buying his books and going to his seminars then Dave’s millions would be gone. For this reason, I think Mr. Ramsey needs to listen to himself a bit. As his millions grow, he is getting worse with his radio community.

  • Ziraprod

    WOW Janet, your a fool.

  • Ziraprod

    The credit card companies that advertise with FoX didn’t like him.

  • Brad

    Never once have I ever heard Dave Ramsey suggest someone not pay their credit card balances. Not once. When you make ridiculous statements like that you really should source them but I’m 100% positive you wouldn’t find anything. Fun fact: Did you know that years ago (over 20) Dave Ramsey was forced to file bankruptcy on all his properties which is when he went broke? I bet you didn’t know that after he filed bankruptcy and began to make a comeback financially, he paid back all of the people he owed money to previously even though he had no legal obligation to do so. Dave Ramsey is not telling people to ignore their obligations, in fact, as someone who has listened to his radio show, taken Financial Peace University, and read most of his books I can assure you, your statement is 100% false.

    If you think $10 is a waste of money to turn your financial habits around then I feel for you. I have seen The Total Money Makeover change lives!

    If Dave didn’t have the charisma to continue his radio show wouldn’t have lasted all these years. It’s most likely because Fox’s credit card advertisers threatened to pull the plug on their ads not to mention that sometimes things just don’t work out. I’m sure Dave Ramsey isn’t affected that much at all. On to the next thing…