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“Easy Street” Replacing Former Beef O’ Brady’s

Easy Street remodeling former Beef O' Brady's

Easy Street remodeling former Beef O' Brady's

“Easy Street” is replacing the former Beef O’ Brady’s restaurant in Cool Springs.  The new restaurant will offer an upscale, J. Alexanders style menu, while priced more moderately.  Great steaks and fresh grilled entrees will be a few of their menu features.

We’re happy to welcome a new bar and grill to the area!

A new mirrored finish adorns the exterior windows of the restaurant, located in a retail center on Carothers Blvd.  Additional upgrades such as new crown molding and re-branding the inside from the former Beef O’ Brady’s  are currently underway.

We’re looking forward to another great restaurant in Cool Springs, but Easy Street has a few challenges right out of the gate.

Although the retail center is close to the “heart of Cool Springs”, its physical location sits back from the road, offering little visibility.  Parking is not plentiful and is very tight at certain times of the day.  No doubt that Easy Street will fare better in the evenings when other tenants have closed (for parking).

Additional tenants located in the Brentwood center include Batteries Plus, Cartronics, Marine Corps Recruiting Office, ATA Black Belt Academy and a dry cleaner.

The real kicker is that the retail center is technically just over the boundary, located in the city of Brentwood, rather than Franklin.

What is the real significance of Brentwood vs. Franklin to a bar or restaurant owner?

The city of Brentwood does not allow alcohol served after midnight, while the city of Franklin allows alcohol sales until 3am.

That means the owner of Easy Street will not be competing for the late night drink business with other bars located on Carothers Blvd including Tin Roof 2, Dan McGuinness Irish Pub, Swanky’s Taco Shop, Cajun Steamers and the newly opened Cool Springs Losers 2.

A strong menu, great service and reasonable prices will be critical for success in this location.  A proactive, aggressive social media presence and campaign wouldn’t hurt either.

Easy Street, we’re looking forward to your grand opening!

Beef O' Brady's now "Easy Street" restaurant

Beef O' Brady's now "Easy Street" restaurant

Easy Street
1724 Carothers Pkwy # 100
Brentwood, TN 37027

  • Beth

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to check it out when it opens!

  • Jeff

    I thought I saw that it was open when I drove by the other day….any confirmation on that? Also do they have a website with a menu?

  • Jeff

    I thought I saw that it was open when I drove by the other day….any confirmation on that? Also do they have a website with a menu?

  • bex

    can’t find a website for this place and that’s a bummer because i’d like to give them some feedback. maybe they will read this.

    we just visited easy street last night and first i have to say the service was spectacular, very attentive without being all over us and friendly without being chatty. excellent, excellent service.

    now, about the restaurant – this place has a bit of an identity crisis. the televisions, beer specials, and tee-shirt uniforms on the wait staff say “sports bar” but the music, low lights, and decor say “fern bar”.

    there are televisions all over the place, from the former beef o’brady’s tenant, but they were 85% on the same channel and the sound was turned down. if you’re not going to make use of the teevees, remove them. they just look like a sloppy afterthought.

    the music was so mellow that it was borderline depressing. a better choice would be an mellow indy rock – lots of jason mraz, darius rucker, taylor swift, david gray, snow patrol, death cab, landon pigg, avett brothers, jack johnson, jakob dylan, the cranberries, ray lamontagne, coldplay, keane, and along with some solid classics like u2, police, tom petty, billy joel, elton john, r.e.m. – basically the playlist of lightning 100.

    the food was good, tasty, fresh. the house salad with a treat of cucumbers and bell peppers was not your same old same old house salad. however — there was nothing special about it, nothing that stood out. it’s a risk to be too daring, but in this market you’ve got to have something that separates you from the crowd. a few signature dishes are key, and we didn’t find them on the menu.

    another recommendation we have is to have a “3-course meal deal”. the portions of the dinner are large enough that they could be reduced somewhat to shave cost without the customer losing any value. for instance, the grilled chicken entree comes with two breasts and a side. cut that to one breast and one side, and lay the breast on some rice to give a bulked up look to the plate, maybe a pineapple slice garnish or maybe even a different garnish on each different entree. wah-lah, the plate is full. and you’ve shaved that cost and can offer the customer a small dessert. people are really conscious about portions these days and also about costs. you’re already giving a salad and main entree, so just shave a bit off the entree and add a small dessert and there you have your 3-course meal.

    if someone from easy street happens to read this, please feel free to email me and offer me a nice discounted meal for all this advice — bexb at bellsouth dot net. 🙂

  • Thongs2U

    Even though they are open, it still looks like they are closed. Aren’t restaurants supposed to have customers?

  • Cowboy4443

    Cumbersome location, your not quite sure whether to cut through the Shell station or Sonic to get there. Didn’t really have a theme or balanced menu. Kind of mix match, a little of this and a little of that. I wish these guys well, but have my dobuts that it is going to make it with all the top knotch competition in the area.

  • Richard Mason

    Hands down the best hamburger in Cool Springs…(and the largest too!)
    I love this place! I love to watch NCAA Basketball here!

  • Sally

    So we have the owner rating their own restaurant?

  • guest

    Laid back place. Bartender is fantastic. Kind of tacky inside – Restaurant Impossible would have some room to work in here. Pizza taste suspiciously like Mafiosa’s. Tried to say it was “better than Mineo’s” and that is far from the truth but other food was prob better than Mineo’s. Ordered 1/2 and 1/2 and they chrged for two toppings – kind of petty IMO. Very little has changed from Barf O’ Brady’s as far as decor. Menu is much better though.