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Cool Springs Job Fair A Success

Early Bird Gets the Worm!

Early bird gets the worm!  The first Cool Springs Job News Nashville career fair was held today at the Marriott in Franklin TN.  Williamson County jobs were highlighted at this event and there were many Cool Springs jobs available.  Past events have been held at LP Field in downtown Nashville with around two thousand attending quarterly.  Almost a thousand people attended and the employers represented were diverse and hiring en masse.  Jobs News Nashville did a great job coordinating and everyone I talked to including vendors and attendees felt it was a great event.

Debbie Campa, the Vice President of Human Resources for Shoney’s, said they are hiring for all of Middle Tennessee.  It was her first time at this career fair and when asked what kind of people Shoney’s is looking for she said, “We’re just looking for good people to help us serve good food!”

Lamont Walton, a job seeker from Madison TN, felt finding a job in this environment was very different from the last time we was out of work about 10 years ago.  He said, “The most challenging thing is how competitive things are, with so many other people looking for jobs.  It makes me more aware of my deficiencies being compared against so many other people.”                `              

The Director of Human Resources for Wendy’s Dale Bruner, was very pleased with the turn out.  He didn’t have any Cool Springs jobs open but does have several positions open at the Wendy’s in downtown Nashville and also in the Nipper’s Corners area.  All I could think about when we meet was the Wendy’s Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty.  If you haven’t tried one, I highly recommend them.

Bill McBryar, Training Director for Daily’s Convenience Stores, has been to every career fair held by Job News Nashville for the past three years.  He felt Daily’s has been very successful at every event.  I found this to be true when I was told before the fair had ended, Bill had five people starting the next day! 

Daily’s is hiring for retail positions in Middle Tennessee including managers, assistant managers and cashiers.  Their stores reach as far as Huntsville, Pulaski, Knoxville and Dickson.  When I asked Bill what kind for employee Daily’s looks for he said, “We like folks with convenient store or some retail experience, an outgoing personality and also interested in providing a clean and inviting experience at Daily’s.  Personality is very important.” 

Quin Corbridge, out of work for the last 6 months, was disappointed there weren’t more upper level management jobs available.  He mentioned the hesitation by employers to hire right now unless there was an absolute need.  Even when here is a need, he said most positions are being filled from within the ranks.  Quin said, “The key is knowing the right people and networking quickly before the job is filled, especially in Williamson County”.

Pamela Herrera, a recruiter for Verizon Wireless, is working to fill 50 open positions in financial services at the Verizon Wireless in Franklin.  She said, “We want to find people interested in a career, not just a job.  Verizon spends $22,000 total in training and benefits on every employee during the first 12 months, before any return is realized.”  Pamela mentioned a stable work history; preferably a 2 year degree and most importantly a willingness to learn and care for the customer being things Verizon looks for in new hires.  A great opportunity for those interested in Verizon financial services jobs in Cool Springs.  Pamela said, ” The Alltel acquisition has caused a massive surge in demand due to the increase in customer base.  Verizon is working hard to hire reps to service the demand from the Alltel deal.”

HHGregg had general managers from two stores at the Cool Springs Career Fair.  John Keys was from the HHGregg Mt Juliet store and Jason Martin from the HHGregg Cool Springs Franklin store.  John has been with the company 6 years and seemed to really love and appreciate working for the HHGregg Company. 

I spoke with John at length over lunch and enjoyed learning a lot about HHGregg. 

The company has always been and is to this day, family owned and family run.  HHGregg is also debt free, growing conservatively and choosing to expand carefully.  The average associate goes through 200 hours of training a year.  HHGregg also guarantees the absolute lowest price.  The employees are trained and encouraged to get on the computer to check competitors websites to make sure. Wow!  They also guarantee the price for 30 days in case it’s lowered soon after.  I’ll definitely be stopping at the HHGregg in Cool Springs soon!

The event was outstanding and I’m really looking forward to the next Job News Nashville Career Fair focusing on Cool Springs Jobs.