Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Beer of The Month Club

Beer of the Month Club

Beer of the Month Club

Trying to find a unique gift in Cool Springs for yourself or someone else to celebrate a special event, birthday or just life in general?

We’ve found a great way to break the mold of giving the same old boring gifts to friends and family.

It’s Beer of the Month Club!

Once a month you have a carefully packaged twelve pack of microbrew beer arrive on your doorstep.  The twelve pack selection we enjoyed was made up of 3 bottles each of 4 different beers.  Included with your beers is an informative newsletter called “Beer Expeditions” that describes your beers and each respective brewery.

There is also an section within the newsletter to rate and vote on your Beer of the Month Club selection by color, clarity, head, smell, taste and aftertaste.

Our first selection of beer come to us from Shmaltz Brewery in Saratoga Springs, NY and Lancaster Brewery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

From the Lancaster Brewing Company we tasted a Milk Stout (nice dark stout) and Strawberry Wheat(wheat beer with strawberry flavoring), both beers were outstanding.

The Shmaltz Brewing Company offered two selections, the Coney Island Sword Swallower (a steal hop lager) and the Coney Island Albino Python (white lager brewed with spices).

We recommend ordering the Beer of the Month club in conjunction with the Pizza of the Month Club or Cigar of the Month Club!

To order call 1-800-CLUB-USA or check out the different monthly clubs available at