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Be Prepared For Major Ice Storms in Cool Springs
Severe Winter Expected in TN

Be Prepared For Major Ice Storms in Cool Springs

Severe Winter Expected in TN

Severe Winter Expected in TN

When a major ice or winter storms hits Williamson County in the coming months, chances are high that a large number of office workers and employees in Cool Springs will be stuck in their car or at work, potentially overnight. Cool Springs and Brentwood combined has 3 million square feet MORE office space than downtown in Nashville Central Business District, which amounts to thousands of people trying to all get home at the same time in potentially hazardous conditons.

We spoke with Brentwood based Disaster Survival & Preparedness Consultant Deborah Elder for advice and tips for Cool Springs area residents and employees.  Elder spoke with a representative for the Tennessee Emergency Management Association about a recent Winter Weather Exercise they completed in anticipation of the severe La Nina winter weather.

Elder said, “Another La Nina winter this year has TEMA expecting major ice storms for the whole state of Tennessee.  It’s important that people in Williamson County take a few easy steps to ensure they are prepared if stranded in a vehicle or at work”.

TEMA strongly urges everyone to be prepared to operate on your own for at least 12 to 24 hours.

Here are some of their recommendations:

• Do not let your vehicle gas tank get down below ½ tank – many people were stranded on the interstate last winter because they ran out of gas trying to get home.
• Check your vehicle tires – do not drive on bald tires. TDOT found that bald tires were a major contributing factor to 80% of accidents last winter.
• Develop a communications plan with your family members outlining check in pinots and should someone get lost you will at least have some knowledge of where they were the last time you talked to them.
• Keep emergency supplies in your car at all times. Last year many people were stuck on the roads in 10º-12º weather for 6-9 hours without any emergency supplies.
Items you should pack in your car:
o Pair boots – in case you have to walk
o Hat, gloves & extra socks
o Hand & Feet Warmers
o Couple bottles of water
o Energy bars and/or snacks
o Flashlights or glow sticks
o De-icer
o Small Shovel

Even if you get stuck at the office overnight in Cool Springs you will at least have some emergency supplies nearby.

Check here for additional severe winter weather preparation tips.