Sunday, January 22, 2017
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Area Businesses Weather Plans

Franklin TN Snow Storm

Franklin TN Snow Storm

The snow and inch thick layer of ice Nashville was hit with in the last few days has definitely slowed things down here in Cool Springs.

If you have great insurance and are desperate for food, drink or other necessities, below we have generated a short summary of Cool Springs restaurants and businesses with their plans to stay open or close today due to the weather in Nashville. recommends you be smart and don’t.  It’s very dangerous and no one in Franklin or Brentwood TN knows how to drive in this weather.  Accidents are everywhere as you’ll see on TV or live if you get out there.

The weather also makes us wish the new McEwen Town Center Whole Foods was finished, so we could live over there and walk to get groceries in this weather.  Unfortunately for as much retail we have in Cool Springs, so little of it is walkable for most of the surrounding residential communities.  Not saying its all to far to walk form now, but it just wasn’t designed to be pedestrian friendly.  As a result, few people do.  McEwen Town Center will be a excellent addition to the Cool Springs area, providing an environment that does not exist here yet.

Publix – 8105 Moores Lane: Open until 10pm
Kroger – 2020 Mallory Lane: Jason said “Not planning on but we may have to because most of our workers have called in”
Kroger – 305 Independence Sq: Luke said “We’re open 24 hours as normal”
Whole Foods – 1735 Galleria Blvd: Derrick said “We’re closing at 4pm”
Kroger – 250 Williamson Square: Hope said “We’re open 24 hours as normal”
Starbucks – 555 Cool Springs Blvd: Phone busy and then no answer after several tries
Starbucks – 438 Main Street: “Normal 10:30pm right now but its possible”
Starbucks – 9175 Carothers Prkwy: Jan said “Uhh I really don’t know what time we’re closing today”
Dunkin Donuts – 9100 Carothers Pkwy: Justin “We dont know yet, for now we’re open until 10pm”
Target – 1701 Galleria Blvd: Open normal hours
Cozymel’s – 1654 Westgate Circle: Marissa “As of right now no, we haven’t heard anything yet. We normally close at 10pm on Sat night”
Sportsman’s Grill – 1640 Westgate Circle: “We may be closing early this evening, not sure how long we’ll be here”
Cool Springs Galleria – 1800 Galleria Blvd: No answer after several trys
Tin Roof 2 – 9135 Carothers Pkwy: No answer
Carabba’s – 553 Cool Springs Blvd: Emily said “We’re open for now, it kinda depends on how the weather goes”
Amerigo – 1656 Westgate Circle: Open
J. Alexanders – 1721 Galleria Blvd: “Depends on the weather, right now regular hours, 6pm if we did.”
Dominos Pizza – 9040 Carothers Parkway: “We are not closing early, we’re open”
Famous Dave’s – 7086 Bakers Bridge Avenue: “At this point no but its up to general manager if we did.  If we close it would be 6pm at the earliest.”