Saturday, January 21, 2017
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Aaron Carter at D1 in Cool Springs

Aaron Carter has been spotted training at D1 in Cool Springs Franklin in preparation for “Dancing with the Stars”.  Here is the story reported by Brad at Music City Tv:

Aaron Carter trains for ‘Dancing’ at D1 in Cool Springs

Some of the world’s best athletes have trained at the D1 facility in Cool Springs.

And now one of the biggest teen heartthrob singers has as well.

Aaron Carter, getting ready for his run on Dancing with the Stars, decided to work out at D1 as well to improve his endurance, he tells MTV.

Well, he actually didn’t mention D1 by name, but the folks there confirm that’s what he was talking about in this snippet, again from MTV News.

Carter can’t wait to compete against football player Michael Irvin. “I know about them football players. They have good footwork. I had been doing this football-combined training in Tennessee when I heard about this opportunity, so I started training in endurance and stamina,” he said. “I was doing the ladders and footwork stuff. I know what it is with those football guys. They got it.” ”

Also here is video by Taylor Smith of Aaron Carter training at D1 in Cool Springs TN.