Monday, January 23, 2017
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Vienna House Coffee Opens

Vienna House Coffee & Bistro

We’re excited to announce Vienna House Coffee & Bistro has opened in Boyle’s Meridian Cool Springs development on Carothers Blvd in Franklin.

The Meridian development on Carothers Blvd is home to many Cool Springs restaurants including Boscos, Noshville, Cajun Steamer, Jersey Mike’s, Swankys Taco Shop, Nucci’s Italian Ice, Gigi’s Cupcakes and recently announced Loser’s Bar & Grill.

The retail development is located just across the street from approximately 1200 apartments on Gillespie Dr, including Alara Brook, Alara Farms and Alara Cool Springs.

Cool Springs has waited patiently for a great local independently owned coffee shop in Cool Springs.  Now we have it.

The coffee shop is in the former Paccini’s location.  Do you remember where Paccini’s used to be?  Probably not since Paccini’s was so short lived.

We’re predicting without question Vienna House Coffee & Bistro is here to stay.

Where else in Cool Springs has authentic German bread & desserts (yeah..they are seriously imported from Germany), free Wifi, bubble tea, fresh coffee, great food and a really cool, laid back atmosphere?

The German bread and pastries are imported by Lisa Dohring, owner of Backerei Dohring.  Vienna House Coffee carries their products and will be offering more soon.

Did we already mention the free Wifi?

The inside of the retail space has also been updated since Paccini’s left.  The addition of modern blown glass light fixtures, a flat screen tv and hip, but comfortable colors and decor make it a place you want to be.

Fresh food, high quality ingredients and superior service are the main focus of the business, as described by Corina Pataki, one of the owners.

The owners of Vienna House Coffee & Bistro have also brought in the #3 barista in the world (#1 in New Zealand) to train staff on creating superior quality coffee and expresso drinks.  She is here for three weeks educating the staff on how to be uber baristas.

Relaxing interior of Vienna House

Based on the Turkey Bacon Panini and Iced Mocha Coffee I devoured during my first visit, they’re on target to do very well here in Cool Springs.

How much work does one really get done at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts anyway?  Not much in our experience.  But we can definitely see parking ourselves at Vienna House Coffee & Bistro, free Wifi and laptop in hand, with the ability to accomplish a few things.

Vienna House Coffee & Bistro is also a local, family owned and run business.

Check it soon, you will really enjoy it.  Trust us.

Vienna House Coffee & Bistro
2000 Meridian Blvd Suite 120
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 656-3567 phone
(615) 771-7173 fax

Meridian Cool Springs on Carothers Blvd

  • Guest

    I LOVE this place!!

    The food is superb, and the owners really help make you feel like you are one of the family, and not to mention that free Wi Fi you keep bringing up 🙂

    I agree, I hope that they stay around for a very VERY long time….

  • MB

    You had me at Turkey Bacon Panini. We'll try it out tomorrow for lunch. Thanks for the info!

  • Oses1234

    I love this place. Since I discovered it, i am here every day. The salads Tangy Tomato, Almond Avocado, House and Caesar Salads are huge for the price it is offered. The Caesar Dressing is made in-house, like many of the other things on the menu. It's hard to overlook the Capresi, the cold and hot wraps. The breakfast is enough to fill you up and get you ready for lunch. Bubble Teas, though in some places are seasonal, Vienna House makes it part of the menu at any given time. From talking with the friendly owners, they told me soon they will serve a dinner menu including a variety of wines. I love the breakfast and lunch they offer and I'm sure I would enjoy the dinner menu with a glass of sparkling red wine.

  • betheats

    Oh, I'm really excited about this!! I've been hoping for an independent coffee house for a long time, but I'm excited by the lunch potential as well. Turkey Bacon Panini & Tangy Tomato Salad? Yes please!

  • Guest

    when is bruchey working