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Swanky’s Taco Shop 1st Birthday

Swanky’s Taco Shop in Cool Springs, located in the Meridian Boyle development, is celebrating their first birthday with a party this Saturday October 17th from 5pm until close.  This Cool Springs event will include live music, contests, games, margarita specials and a few other surprises you ‘ll have to come see! 

Cornhole will be played all day and night in the breezeway.  Space Capone and DJ Wick-It will be performing live inside and also on an event stage set up outside Swanky’s Taco Shop.  Corona and Corona Light will be served outside by the stage.

Schedule of events:

Space Capone    8 – 11 PM  (Outside)
Capone’s transforming voice can fall into a grumble or high to a tingly falsetto, though he’s best known when gettin’ his baritone on. He takes most of his songwriting cues from the 1970’s, by way of the neosoul musicians who reintroduced audiences to the classics such as Giorgio Moroder’s disco, Detroit funk and Philly Soul.  

DJ Wick-It      11PM – close (Inside)
DJ Wick-It is known for his no holds barred, technical killer-showcase style of uber live performance. A real professional DJ proven time and time again. During his shows you can catch peeks of what takes place above and beyond his stage performance. His mashups give people all over the country a new perspective on hip-hop and keeps them pondering which genre he will alter next.  

Contests (Winners Receive $50 Gift Certificates) Rock, Paper, Scissors double elimination tournament begins at 9pm.  (Yes… you read that right!)  Winner receives $50 gift card.  (Each contest is best 2 out of 3, must be signed in by 8:45)

  Staring Contest begins at 10pm. Winner receives a $50 gift card.  First to smile, blink, or turn away loses (Single elimination, must be signed in by 9:45)

  Heads or Tails Tournament begins at 11pm. One toss, lands on ground.  One person flips coin and the other calls heads or tails.  (Bracket determines caller/flipper. Must be signed in by 10:45)

Cool Springs Swanky's Taco Shop 1st Birthday

Cool Springs Swanky's Taco Shop 1st Birthday