Saturday, January 21, 2017
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Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee

Lets get one thing straight. 

It is not instant coffee. 

It is micro-ground water soluble Arabica beans.

Starbucks recently released a new instant coffee called Starbucks VIA.  The Cool Springs Starbucks I frequent would no doubt be sampling it to drum up interest.  I noticed a few advertisements leading up to the debut and to be honest wasn’t really expecting much.  Instant coffee is…well…instant.  How good can it really be even if being released by the worlds largest purveyor of higher quality coffee?  Here is a video of a sultry woman in red advertising the new Starbucks VIA instant coffee in the drive-thru at the Cool Springs Starbucks in Franklin TN:



I tried the sample they offered of Starbucks VIA in the Cool Springs Franklin store and it tasted pretty good.  Interestingly enough, when I initially asked about the new instant coffee, she was quick to correct me with “It’s not instant coffee, they’re actually microground Arabica beans that are water soluble.”  She was serious.  I tried not to laugh. 

Although it did taste good, I needed to make it from the packet with hot water at the office to find it if it was really drinkable.  Not saying they switched the sample at the store with fresh brewed but you know what I mean.  So I tried it back at the office for the real litmus test.


Starbucks VIA Samples

Starbucks VIA Samples


Turns out that Starbucks VIA does taste pretty good.  It is very close to fresh brewed and I will probably start drinking it on occasion.  No doubt the coffee will be affected depending on the quality and temperature of water you’re using.

Starbucks VIA is definately better than any other instant coffee…I mean any other micro-ground water soluble Arabica beans…I’ve come across.