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Opryland Charlie Brown Christmas

ICE! A Charlie Brown Christmas

ICE! A Charlie Brown Christmas

If you haven’t left Cool Springs and headed over to Gaylord Opryland for the carved ice exhibit entitled “ICE! featuring A Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles Schulz”, you are missing out.  All of your favorite Peanuts characters have been brought to life in this amazing frozen exhibit.

The exhibit runs through January 2, 2010.  Check with Opryland for exhibit times, schedule and tickets.

ICE! featuring A Charlie Brown Christmas is definitely worth the trip to Opryland.  It is a must see during Christmas for everyone within driving distance of Nashville.

The quality and skill required to create this carved ice art is unreal.  It felt like being at a frozen Smithsonian museum featuring Charlie Brown.

ICE! featuring A Charlie Brown Christmas is unlike any carved ice exhibit you are likely to see.

Members of the Schulz family were the first to experience the ice sculpture storybook telling the story of A Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles Schulz.

“We’ve all seen an ice sculpture, we’ve all seen carvings, but I think to see room after room of these Charlie Brown Ice sculptures is going to be mind boggling. I think that when it comes to these ice sculptures that they are going to be perfect and Charles Schulz would have loved them all,” said Jeannie Schulz, wife of the late Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz.

Peanuts scenes included in the Charlie Brown Christmas exhibit include Snoopy’s decorated house, rehearsal hall and Charlie Brown selecting the perfect Christmas tree.  A functioning ice slide, approximately 20 ft tall, was constructed within the exhibit at Opryland.  It is available for anyone attending the exhibit to slide down.

“Undoubtedly my Dad would have loved it because basically anything that was about art he loved whether it was ice carving, drawing, painting…he was fascinated by art. So for someone to take his comic strip and translate it into ice sculptures I think would have fascinated him on numerous levels. Now for it to come to Nashville, I am thrilled,” explained Craig Schulz, son of Charles Schulz.

Over 2 million pounds of ice was hand carved by 35 artisans from Harbin, China.  It took almost a month for the exhibit to be constructed.  Over 20,000 square feet of exhibit space is filled with the carved, life like Charlie Brown ice scenes.  1,500 fluorescent lights are frozen inside the ice.  5,000 blocks of ice were carved and each block weighs approximately 360 pounds.  Over 189,000 gallons of water was used to create the ice.

Make sure to dress warm, the average temperature inside the exhibit is 9 degrees.

There is nothing like this in Cool Springs so get out to Opryand and see this incredible display of talent.

You will not be disappointed!