Friday, January 20, 2017
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National Disaster Preparedness Month

Disaster Survival Resources, a leading online resource for information about emergency preparedness and natural disasters, has embarked on a marketing campaign to remind people about National Disaster Preparedness Month. The awareness campaign has been developed by the United States government, and it is in effect throughout the month of September. The organization is raising awareness about the campaign through its website and through various other forms of media. “Our top priority is to educate people about the importance of being prepared for natural disasters,” says one representative. “From having an emergency plan to having a kit ready to go, there’s a lot you can do.”

The month-long campaign promotes four major components of being prepared for a disaster: making a kit, having a plan, being informed and getting involved. In-depth information about making a kit is available through the Disaster Survival Resources website, which is also a repository of many other resources regarding emergency preparedness. “People often downplay the importance of having an emergency plan in place,” says the representative. “Creating a plan is easy. Making sure that everyone is aware of it is too. The hard part is actually making it happen.”

As a part of the campaign, citizens are encouraged to stay as informed as possible in the event of a disaster. The CDC website advises people to turn to as many forms of media as possible. “If the power goes out, access to the TV and radio may be limited,” says the representative. “However, access to the Internet through mobile devices may still be possible. The trick is to try to get information from as many sources as possible.” Many other suggestions are offered through the organization’s website as well, and people are encouraged to learn how to be as prepared as possible.

The national campaign also encourages people to get involved in emergency preparedness efforts. One way to be involved is by checking to see if a child’s school has an emergency plan in place. The same thing can be done with a workplace. “As noted on the CDC website, Homeland Security also runs the Ready America campaign, which makes it easy for people to get involved,” adds the representative. “There are countless ways to get involved in these efforts. Doing something as simple as supporting local first responders can go a really long way.” The campaign runs through the end of September. Go to for more information in getting you and your family prepared.