Saturday, January 21, 2017
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Gaudy Furniture Auction & Sale

There is some crazy furniture available for sale and auction in Cool Springs Tennessee.  Not what you’re used to seeing around this area!  Located over in the Cool Springs Best Buy shopping center, another large big box store that went dark is now occupied by this wild furniture and world artifact peddler.  Some of it is cool but alot of it is tacky and would make a good gag gift.  The stuff I thought seemed of high qaulity were the carved teaks stools and table.  Some other wooden chairs and tables made of roots or tree trunk slices were pretty awesome.

Several poker tables were nicely finished and will probably sell.  A number of paintings lined one wall and others were stacked against the wall as seen below.  I don’t have an eye for paintings, so you’re on your own.  One section of the store was dedicated to rugs,  but  none seemed were exciting. 

A large number of bronze statues of varying sizes were sprinkled throughout.  Anywhere from a full size bronze moose to a full size bronze eagle in flight catching a school of trout jumping out of imaginary water.

A customer who strolled by mentioned in passing, “I’m not sure if I need any 25 foot tall bronze mermaids”.  No seriously, there was a 25 foot tall mermaid doing a handstand on two dolphins.  Also a gigantic dinosaur head near the cash register.  See for yourself below, I tried to represent some of the good and some of the whack.

Is this where Cool Springs retail is headed?  Get out there and buy yourself a leopard chair to stimulate the economy!

The deal is they have an “auction” once a month and the rest of the month it is all retail.  Doesn’t make the auction seem very special since you can buy the stuff everyday.  The Cool Springs auction this month runs Saturday October 24 through Monday October 26.

Here are the auction terms as posted:

10% Buyers Premium
No Pick Up During Auction
All Acounts Must Be Settled Daily
All Items Sold “As-Is Where-Is” (Please Inspect Before Bidding)
Delivery Service $100 or 5 % of Total Invoice Wichever is Greater Within 25 Miles Radius