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Candidates For TN Governor

The Tennessee Gubernatorial Candidates Forum on Housing is being held March 23 from 3 – 5 pm at the Cool Springs Embassy Suites hotel in Franklin.

Maximum attendance is limited to 225 people and RSVP is required, therefore anyone interested in attending needs to reserve a seat at soon.

The TN Gubernatorial Candidates Forum is sponsored by Tennessee Association of Realtors, Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association, Home Builders of Tennessee and the Statewide Affordable Housing Coalition.

Six of the major candidates for Tennessee Governor have been invited to this housing forum.  The TN Governor candidates attending are Lt. Gov Ron Ramsey, Congressman Zach Wamp, Mr Mike WcWherter, District Attorney Bill Gibbons, Mrs. Kim McMillan and Mr. Bill Haslam.

There are currently thirteen total confirmed candidates for Tennessee Governor and they include:

Republican Party
Bill Gibbons – Shelby County District Attorney
Zach Wamp – U.S. Representative 3rd District
Bill Haslam – Mayor of Knoxville
Ron Ramsey – Lieutenant Governor
Joe Kirkpatrick – Businessman

Democratic Party
Kim McMillan – former TN State House Majority Leader & former Senior Advisor to Gov. Phil Bredesen
Mike McWherter – Son of Gov. Ned McWherter, businessman & former Attorney

Bayron Binkley – Broker
James Reesor – Tennessee author
Samuel David Duck – Christian & Constitutional Federalist
Carl Whitaker – Native American Indian Movement Chief
Brandon Dodds – Optometrist


Cool Springs Embassy Suites
820 Crescent Centre Drive
Franklin, TN 37067

  • Coal Fan

    Ron Ramsey is a hired shill for the coal industry. Just Google Blountville, TN-based United Coal Company, which was recently acquired by Ukrainian conglomerate Metinvest. Blountville is Ramsey's hometown. The company ships millions of tons of Appalachian coal to the Ukraine and Eastern Europe each year. When Ramsey tries to play to the Palin crowd talking about securing our energy independence, he fails to mention all of the money he and other east TN legislators are taking from the Ukrainians who could care less about the Appalachians or Tennessee voters. There is plenty of coal in our mountains that we should conserve and mine appropriately. Mountaintop removal mining is a disrespectful and greedy act. I would say if the average TN voter were asked “do you support blowing up our mountains to provide power to the Ukraine?” The answer would be no.

    Call Ron Ramsey at (615) 741-4524 and ask him the question….

  • bayronbinkley

    I was not invited to participate in this event as an Independent Candidate for Governor. It is very apparent that unless you have a “R” or a “D” beside your name you are not considered worthy or qualified to be included. What does major mean? A well funded campaign or that you have the backing of special interest groups.

    With “Housing” being the topic at hand at this forum, I would think that 25 years of hands on experience in Real Estate, that my thoughts and comments would be worthwhile in sharing with those in attendance. I have secured a seat in the audience and plan on being in attendance.

  • bayronbinkley

    I did not receive an invitation to participate in this forum. It is apparent that unless you have a “R” or “D” beside your name, you are not considered a Major candidate or are not worthy or qualified to be included.

    I would think with 25 years with hands on experience in the Real Estate business and a homeowner and a Realtor in this area, that some would consider my thoughts and comments worthwhile. I guess to be considered a Major candidate you must be affiliated with a party backed by special interest groups and have a fully funded war chest.

    Its time to take a proactive and common sense approach to addressing issues and problems within the state. I will be attending the Forum but only as a member of the audience.

  • coolsprings

    The following is a response received from Joe Kirkpatrick in response to our question asking if he was invited to the above event.

    “I was not invited, Todd. Though, I most appreciate being mentioned on your press release as a bona fide GOP candidate for the office of Governor of Tennessee.

    I have to believe that since I do not agree for the premise of the agency's existence, that is that “slum lording” under the guise of equal protection or other civil rights falls under the authority of the United States Government, that could be one of many possibilities.

    Neither do I believe that the State of Tennessee, sovereign as it is, should be the conduit of this unconstitutional redistribution of citizen wealth and the associated, unfunded, federal mandates we bear by accepting the funding.

    In the enumerated powers of our federal government in Article I of the United States Constitution, our governing document, I have yet to find any authority to redistribute taxpayer funds for the purpose of public housing. Please inform me if anyone out there can claim otherwise.

    The officials at the Tennessee Housing Development Agency and the relevance of their forum may benefit from anyone's displeasure at this glaring omission.

    Joe Kirkpatrick”

  • James Reesor

    Gubernatorial candidates in Tennessee are generally associated with either the Democrat or Republican political parties. Since I am a White Horse Independent, not being invited to your event was not a surprise.

    Considering the complexity of formal and informal interactions taking place between traditional public office seekers and special interest groups or persons, such as those who are directly affiliated with your endeavor, it would probably be pointless for me to express my position on any issues that might be of interest to your associates.

    My candidacy will most likely be limited to communications — beginning at James — rather than any participation in media interviews, debates, or assorted events where prejudice against “outsiders” is eagerly condoned. Good luck and let's hope the voters are not feeling as disenfranchised as we candidates without a “party” to back us up.


  • carlwhitaker

    As an Independent candidate for governor it does not surprise me to see these type events having no input from anyone else other than the two parties. People are looking strongly at the Independent candidates more this year than at any time in history of either our nation or state. It is a disservice to the public when our voices are not heard in these forums.