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BarCamp Memphis Nov 14

For anyone who missed BarCamp Nashville (the best ever!) a few weeks ago, BarCamp Memphis is Saturday November 14.

BarCamp is a community driven event, centered around new technology, Web 2.0, digital media, blogging and podcasting.  The day of sessions is hands on and is driven by a community spirit that encourages participants to “share what they know and learn what they don’t”.  The learning experience is amazing for all who attend.  Regardless of your skill level, you will learn something new and exciting

Barcamp Memphis is hosted by LunaWeb and Launch Memphis.  Sponsors include SocialMedia Expidition, MPACT Memphis, MemphisConnect, O’Reilly, MarksMenus, SCHED, Griffin, MASE, SOB (South of Beale) and ResortQuest.

See you there!

Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering
1254 Jefferson Avenue, Memphis TN 38104

Initial Topic List
Bringing PPC In-House
John W. Ellis
Yes, you can do pay-per-click yourself. I will go over the reasons why it’s important to bring PPC inside the company and not go with an agency.

We’re all going to DIE!!!
Dave Delaney
Yes, that’s right folks. You heard it here first. It’s true. We’re all going to die. We don’t like talking and thinking about it, but it’s inevitable. What happens to our content when we leave this place? Who will manage our blog posts, photos, videos, audio, tweets, etc.? It’s time to start giving this some thought kids. Death waits for nobody.

So you want to create an iPhone app?
Brian Cauble
Getting started with iPhone development”

Prosper During a Digital Age Recession
Ryan Hinricher
Ryan will discuss action items bootstrapping entrepreneurs can use to not only survive, but grow their businesses in recessionary times. Especially good if you recently started or are planning on starting a business.

Google Wave Live Demo
Gregg Dunn @unseenthings & Thom Rigsby

Blogging 101
Beth Sanders

It’s A Small URL After All
Bob Hazlett & Daniel Prichett
Daniel and Bob take you through a frolicking, animatronic journey of URL unity. They’ll be your tour guides as they demonstrate how to establish, set up and rock your own personalized URL shortening service.

How to destroy your online business with Social Media
Thom Rigsby

Breaker. Breaker. What’s your channel?
LeAnn Willard
Email to Text to IM to Video! Doing business in today’s market, age seems to disappear and you deal on a daily basis with someone who is from the older generation to the ones just out of college and they all use technology differently. How do you adapt, what do you need to do, and what is quickly heading our way. We’ve have seen us work from email – text – im – and almost video in 6 years time.

Social Tools in the Enterprise
Daniel Pritchett & Ryan Hinricher
Discussing various social platforms and social needs used within an organization. The discussion will also include barriers, failures, and successes with implementation.

Guest Posting: Why & How
Buck Rogers

Introduction to Ruby on Rails
Martin Dinstuhl

The Changing Web Economy
Thom Rigsby
Paid Links are dying, PageRank is dead. Now what?

Emails that convert: Tips for effective copy writing
Ashley High, Gokben Yamandag
Enhance the effectiveness of your email through compelling copy. In this session, we will cover best practices in copy writing for various elements of an email—including from and subject lines, email body copy and landing pages—to ensure your emails are opened, read and acted upon.

Designer vs Developer
Steven Trotter, Joseph Yancey Craig McCoy
An informal discussion about the things that designers and developers do to piss each other off. We’ll talk about ways to make peace and learn to collaborate on a new level. You’ll hear such common phrases as “the knee-jerk NO”, “don’t join the bandwagon”, “can’t we add some AJAX in there?”, “you ruined my design!” and “tables? we don’t need no stinkin’ tables!”.

SEO and website promotion issues for the small business
David Sandy
Local attorney David Sandy has the number one website on Google for the term “Memphis Lawyer”. He will explain how he obtained that ranking on that and other terms using piecemeal outsourced SEO services and doing his own copywriting at a fraction of the cost of website promotion services you will commonly be telemarketed.