Saturday, January 21, 2017
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Nashville Film Festival April 18

Have you checked out the Nashville Film Festival yet?

Films we’re excited to see today at the film festival in Green Hills include:

“OMG WTF” – A collection of scary, funky, beautiful and weird short films including:
-The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers by Arran & Corran Brownlee
-Delmer Builds a Machine by Landon Zakheim
-E-Pigs by Petar Pasic
-Land of the Heads by Cedric Louis & Claude Barras
-The Taxidermist by Bert & Bertie
-Welgunzer by Bradford Schmidt
-Beautiful as You Are by Doug Mallette
-Junko’s Shamisen by Solomon Friedman

“Southern Belle” – A unique insider’s look at the 1861 Athenaeum Girls’ School in Columbia, TN where young women from around the world eagerly sign up to become that iconic and romantic image of Southern identity: the Southern Belle.  Film by Mary Makley and Kathy Conkwright.

“Tennessee Film Night 2” – Four short Tennessee made documentaries display the variety of creativity and talent in the state including:
-‘Let Your Feet Do the Talkin‘ is the story of 70 year old buck dancing legend Thomas Maupin that examines music’s many transcendent qualities by Stewart Copeland.
‘I Am a Man: Memphis, a Lesson in Life’ is a film about Elmore Nickleberry and the memories of Memphis’ sanitation workers set against a present day backdrop by Jonathon Epstein.
‘For Memories Sake’ is a film about Angela Singer, who managed to take at least 12 photos a day for the last 35 years, by Ashley Maynor.

“Tennessee Film Night 1” – A collection of short films representing home-grown cinems from all reaches of the Volunteer state including:
-‘Now You’re Being Ridiculous‘ is a short film by Motke Dapp and also winner of the Best Film award at the local 48 Hour Film Project 2009.
-‘Five Dollars‘ by Clay Jeter is about Kenny and his sister Lou Ann being paid Five Dollars to keep their mouths shut when their half sister invites an older boy over.
-‘Woke Up Ugly‘ by Ryan Parker is about a man who keeps waking up with a different face, promting his dream girl to confess a secret about her own affliction.
-‘Too Sunny for Santa‘ portays Jim Ferguson trying to create Christmas in June for his dying wife by Erica Tachoir.
-‘The Important Things‘ takes place after Peter’s father has a stroke and Peter visits important people in his life, with a difficult confession for them, film by William M. Akers.
-‘The Inner Workings of Outer Space‘ shows a night watchman on a space station contemplating his life while impending doom looms, film by Paul Cain.
-‘Poor Man’s Rose’ is about a middle aged, stuggling songwriter who runs into an old friend and realizes his life isn’t as bad as he thought, film by Joseph T. Spence.
-‘Seed of Doubt‘ by Mitch Moore, is about a woman forced to reconcile her longing for her glory days with her maternal instincts after a chance encounter.